May 1 • 57M

Can You Enjoy Good Art by Bad People? - 4/30/2023

Assault weapon ban, Good Art by Bad People, King Charles, and more

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Outrage Overload
An informal chat where Lisa and David from OutRage Overload discuss items from the news and other topics of outrage.
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This week, Lisa and David talk about Washington State banning assault weapons; USA is categorized as a “flawed democracy” based on the 2022 Global Democracy Index; Can You Enjoy Good Art by Bad People? Celebrities calling co-workers the C-word; Disney vs. Desantis; Wrexham getting promoted; Tucker Carlson and his anti-trans noxious father; Idocracy and Crocs; Barry Humphries ‘Dame Edna’; OpenAI Researcher says: There’s a 50% Chance AI Ends in 'Catastrophe' and AI guardrails.


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