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Don't Talk About a No-Hitter in Progress ⚾️ - 09/03/2023

Plus parental rights vs. student privacy in the age of transgender identity and more

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Outrage Overload
An informal chat where Lisa and David from Outrage Overload discuss items from the news and other topics of outrage.
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This week, Lisa and David talk about: voter fraud; 12-yo kid kicked out of school for backpack with “don’t tread on me” Gadsden Flag; parental rights vs. student privacy in the age of transgender identity; burning man; more former Proud Boys leaders sentenced for January 6th attack; Truth Social financing; conservative activists pushing ‘trafficking’ laws to prevent women from traveling for an abortion; France tossing $200 million in wine; the first rule about no-hitters is that you don't talk about no-hitters; four stars for Cocaine Bear; Fulton County jail; the most hated foods in America; and more.

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Outrage Overload Podcast

Colorado middle schooler allegedly kicked out of class (CBS Austin)

Former Proud Boys leaders sentenced for Jan. 6 sedition (ABC News)

Who funded Trump’s Truth Social? (Reuters 2022)

Truth Social investment partner extends deadline, avoiding liquidation (WaPo)

Over the 154 years of Major League Baseball history, and over 238,500 games played, there have been 24 official perfect games. (Wikipedia)

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