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Fifty Years of Rap, people - 08/06/2023

Fifty Years of Rap, people - 08/06/2023

Lisa loves rap, crazy fair food, and more
Grand Daddy I.U. at 2016 Juice Crew Reunion - Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fuseboxradio/, CC BY-SA 2.5 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5>, via Wikimedia Commons

This week, Lisa and David talk about: new nuclear reactor goes live; Paul Reubens, Pee-Wee Playhouse; crazy state-fair food; sex-ed in school; Kyle Davis tried to secretly video an underage family friend while she was using the bathroom; TikTok trend drinking borax; Pac-12 exodus; Kanye and the new X (formerly Twitter); Jaylen Brown is smart; DeSantis and Newsome debate? leprosy on the rise in Florida; the legacy of Henrietta Lacks; most iconic diners in America; American Gladiators TV show documentary; 50 years of Rap, and more.


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Davis pleaded guilty, faces up to 10 years in prison (story)

What's behind the increase in leprosy cases in Florida (NPR)

50 Rappers, 50 Stories (New York Times)

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Live Aftershow - After The Outrage

Join us on Facebook Live for the ‘Storming the Capitol’ episode Aftershow, with David, Lisa, co-director / co-editor Austin Chen, and the gonzo journalist and author Ben Hamilton who was on the ground January 6.

🗓️ Date: Thursday August 10, 2023

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Outrage Overload Newsletter
This Week in Outrage
An informal chat where Lisa and David from Outrage Overload discuss items from the news and other topics of outrage.
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