Apr 18 • 1HR 21M

Lisa loves Katie Porter - 4/16/2023

Leaked top-secret docs, Katie Porter, and more

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Outrage Overload
An informal chat where Lisa and David from Outrage Overload discuss items from the news and other topics of outrage.
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Note: the audio quality on this episode is not great. The phone app we use for these is not compatible with my studio gear. We tried some external mics but it didn’t turn out too well. I did what I could to improve the audio, but it’s still not great.

On this episode, David and Lisa talk about Jack Teixeira leaked secrets; Military using Discord to recruit Gen-Z; Congress is old; Lisa loves Katie Porter; NPR quits Twitter; How to tell if wine has gone bad; aging and memory loss; Mad Magazine; Perception Gap; Can people tell if something was written by AI?; institutions and norms.


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