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Pay your taxes, rich people 💵 - 08/20/2023

The latest memes and outrages

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Outrage Overload
An informal chat where Lisa and David from Outrage Overload discuss items from the news and other topics of outrage.
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This week, Lisa and David talk about: buoys in the Rio-Grande; Giuliani is broke; hurricane watch in So Cal; no Trump press event; fake Melania? Utah man suspected of threatening Biden killed by FBI; pig kidney transplant; Michael Oher ‘The Blind Side’ lawsuit; FTX crypto founder Sam Bankman-Fried back in jail; AI is better than humans at solving image-based CAPTCHAs; popular wedding songs; 4000 steps a day is enough to extend one's lifespan; Alec Baldwin may still face charges; Florida retirement Villages ‘The STD Capital of America’; more 50 years of hip-hop; scream into the void website; and more.


Outrage Overload Podcast

50 years of hip-hop: In their own words - AP

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