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Top news from Seymour Butz - 5/7/2023

Top news from Seymour Butz - 5/7/2023

Gun violence, education fails, higher credit scores mean higher fees, and more

This week, David and Lisa talk about transgender teen poet laureate; gun violence, what the majority of Americans want; education fails; sedition and choosing to die on the hill that January 6 was not an insurrection; Title 42 expiring; E. Jean Carroll case; credit scores and bank fees clickbait; insider trading in Congress; January 6 sentences; horse deaths at Kentucky Derby; ChatGPT and The Dignity Index; Fani Willis agreeing to immunity deals with a number of fake electors in her Georgia election probe; abortion laws vs. hippocratic oath; Snoop Dogg’s bid to purchase NHL Ottawa Senators; news sites publishing stories using generative AI and the profession of news editor.

What’s coming up on the Outrage Overload podcast

The next few episodes that I’m working on now are related to misinformation, disinformation, and news literacy. I’m doing my best to stay upbeat on this, but to be honest, researching this, going through clips and so on, has taken a toll.

The research we talk about is really quite interesting, going beyond basic fact checking to the very nature of obtaining knowledge, how trust and testimony are very important in how we come to know things about the world.

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The Dignity Index

I’ve mentioned the Dignity Index a few times on This Week in Outrage including in this very episode. The brainchild of former Republican policy advisor and Mormon grandmother of ten, Tami Pyfer, it scores political speech on an eight-point scale from “contempt” to “dignity.” On the low end is dehumanization and violence and at the high end is the sentiment that one's political opponents are just as worthy as us.

It’s important to note that although the project was started in a Red state by a former Red politician, it employs a balanced group of Red and Blue raters. This will hopefully help to establish trust with those on both sides.

I’ve started using this model to rate the speech of those that wish to appear on the show.

Tami Pyfer will appear on a future episode of the Outrage Overload podcast.


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The Dignity Index

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